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Type: Fords, Bridges, Crossings

Region: Beleriand & North

Other Names
the Fords of Aros

Location: The crossings of the River Aros, connecting Dor Dínen on the west with Himlad on the east.


Map of Doriath.
Doriath, showing Arossiach between Dor Dínen and Himlad.
[The] Noldor would pass through Nan Dungortheb only at great need, by paths near to the borders of Doriath and furthest from the haunted hills.... [If] one fared upon [that way] he came eastwards to Esgalduin, where still there stood in the days of the Siege the stone bridge of Iant Iaur. Thence he passed through Dor Dínen, the Silent Land, and crossing the Arossiach (which signifies the Fords of Aros) came to the north marches of Beleriand, where dwelt the sons of Fëanor.

The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion, Ch 14, Of Beleriand and its Realms

[The] march-wardens [of Doriath] said...: 'To the land of Celegorm... you must ride beyond the Girdle of Melian.... The speediest way is by the paths that lead east from the Brithiach through Dimbar and along the north-march of this kingdom, until you pass the Bridge of Esgalduin and the Fords of Aros, and come to the lands that lie behind the Hill of Himring.'

The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion, Ch 16, Of Maeglin

Now the traffic of the Dwarves down from the Blue Mountains followed two roads across East Beleriand, and the northern way, going towards the Fords of Aros, passed nigh to Nan Elmoth....

The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion, Ch 16, Of Maeglin

Elena Tiriel 18Nov09, 14Mar11

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