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Thing Other Name(s) Type Updated
Aeglos (weapon)
spear of Gil-galad
Aiglos (LoTR editions prior to 2005 only) 
Weapons  30 Mar 10
Narsil (prior to its reforging)
Sword of Elendil
Flame of the West
Sword that was Broken
Blade that was Broken 
Weapons  08 Jan 08
Mormegil 'Black Sword'
The Black Thorn of Brethil

After it was reforged:
Gurthang 'Iron of Death' 
Weapons  11 Oct 10
Angrist   Weapons  30 Nov 04
Anguirel   Weapons  11 Oct 10
Aranrúth   Weapons  16 Nov 10
Belthronding   Weapons  16 Aug 10
Bilbo's Mithril Coat
silver corslet
coat of dwarf-linked rings
corslet of mithril-rings
corslet of Moria-silver 
Weapons  08 Jul 10
Black Arrow of Bard the Bowman   Weapons  07 Nov 04
Black Breath (Nazgûl weapon)   Weapons  09 Feb 12
Boromir's Sword   Weapons  12 Aug 06
Dramborleg   Weapons  06 Feb 10
Elven-sheath for Andúril Elvish sheath  Weapons  10 Jan 08
Frodo's Sword
sword of the Barrow-downs 
Weapons  12 Aug 06
Glamdring Beater  Weapons  06 Dec 04
Grond – First Age
the hammer of Angband
the hammer of the underworld 
Weapons  28 Dec 12
Grond – Third Age   Weapons  28 Dec 12
Gúthwinë   Weapons  20 Sep 10
Herugrim   Weapons  29 Jan 08
Merry's Sword
sword of the Barrow-downs 
Weapons  12 Aug 06
Morgul-knife of the Witch-king   Weapons  31 Mar 10
Narsil The sword was called Andúril after its reforging during the Ring War.  Weapons  07 Dec 03
Orcrist Goblin-cleaver, Biter  Weapons  06 Dec 04
Pippin's Sword
troll's bane
sword of the Barrow-downs 
Weapons  19 Aug 06
Ringil   Weapons  07 Sep 10
Sam's Sword
nasty cruel steel
sword of the Barrow-downs 
Weapons  14 Oct 06
Steel-bows of Númenor   Weapons  29 Nov 07
Sting   Weapons  01 May 15
Swords of the Barrow-downs Barrow-blades  Weapons  13 Aug 06
Thorin's Golden Mail   Weapons  04 Jul 06

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