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The Red Arrow

Type: Artifacts

Description:The Red Arrow was a token of Gondor's need for aid in battle from Rohan.

"In his hand he bore a single arrow, black-feathered and barbed with steel, but the point was painted red.

He sank on one knee and presented the arrow to Théoden. ‘Hail Lord of the Rohirrim, friend of Gondor!’ he said. ‘Hirgon I am, errand-rider of Denethor, who bring you this token of war. Gondor is in great need. Often the Rohirrim have aided us, but now the Lord Denethor asks for all your strength and all your speed; lest Gondor fall at last.’

‘The Red Arrow!’ said Théoden, holding it, as one who receives a summons long expected and yet dreadful when it comes. His hand trembled. ‘The Red Arrow has not been seen in the Mark in all my years! Has it indeed come to that?' "
RotK, Book V, Ch 3, The Muster of Rohan

Contributors: Lyllyn 9.13.03

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