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Markirya Poem, The

Type: Songs & Stories

Other Names: Oilima Markirya, "The Last Ark" – The title of the First version of the poem.

Description:The Markirya Poem is one of the major pieces of Quenya written by JRR Tolkien and is the longest published text that has been published so far.

First stanza:
1) Men cenuva fánë cirya
Who shall see a white ship
2) métima hrestallo círa,
leave the last shore,
3) i fairi nécë
the pale phantoms
4) ringa súmaryassë
in her cold bosom
5) ve maiwi yaimië?
like gulls wailing?

Second stanza:
6) Man tiruva fána cirya,
Who shall heed a white ship,
7) wilwarin wilwa,
vague as a butterfly,
8) ëar-celumessen
in the flowing sea
9) rámainen elvië
on wings like stars,
10) ëar falastala,
the sea surging,
11) winga hlápula
the foam blowing,
12) rámar sisílala,
the wings shining,
13) cálë fifírula?
the light fading?

Third stanza:
14) Man hlaruva rávëa súrë
Who shall hear the wind roaring
15) ve tauri lillassië,
like leaves of forests;
16) ninqui carcar yarra
the white rocks snarling
17) isilmë ilcalassë,
in the moon gleaming,
18) isilmë pícalassë,
in the moon waning,
19) isilmë lantalassë
in the moon falling
20) ve loicolícuma;
a corpse-candle;
21) raumo nurrua,
the storm mumbling,
22) undumë rúma?
the abyss moving?

Fourth stanza:
23) Man cenuva lumbor ahosta
Who shall see the clouds gather,
24) Menel acúna
the heavens bending
25) ruxal' ambonnar,
upon crumbling hills,
26) ëar amortala,
the sea heaving,
27) undumë hácala,
the abyss yawning,
28) enwina lúmë
the old darkness
29) elenillor pella
beyond the stars
30) talta-taltala
31) atalantië mindonnar?
upon fallen towers?

Fifth stanza:
32) Man tiruva rácina cirya
Who shall heed a broken ship
33) ondolissë mornë
on the black rocks
34) nu fanyarë rúcina,
under broken skies,
35) anar púrëa tihta
a bleared sun blinking
36) axor ilcalannar
on bones gleaming
37) métim' auressë?
in the last morning?
38) Man cenuva métim' andúnë?
Who shall see the last evening?

Source: Ardalambion

Contributors: Elithien 8.9.03

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