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Arise now, arise, Riders of Théoden!

Type: Songs & Stories

Other Names:
Call to Arms of the Rohirrim (LoTR index only)


A call to arms spoken by Théoden after Gandalf freed him from Gríma's influence.
Slowly Théoden stretched forth his hand. As his fingers took the hilt, it seemed to the watchers that firmness and strength returned to his thin arm. Suddenly he lifted the blade and swung it shimmering and whistling in the air. Then he gave a great cry. His voice rang clear as he chanted in the tongue of Rohan a call to arms.
Arise now, arise, Riders of Théoden!
Dire deeds awake, dark is it eastward.
Let horse be bridled, horn be sounded!
Forth Eorlingas!
The guards, thinking that they were summoned, sprang up the stair. They looked at their lord in amazement, and then as one man they drew their swords and laid them at his feet. 'Command us!' they said.

The Two Towers, LoTR Book 3, Ch 6, The King of the Golden Hall

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