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Look, there is Fastitocalon!
An island good to land upon,
Although 'tis rather bar.
Come, leave the sea! And let us run,
Or dance, or lie down in the sun!
See, gulls are sitting there!
Gulls do not sink.
There they may sit, or strut and prink:
Their part it is to tip the wink,
If anyone should dare
Upon that isle to settle,
Or only for a while to get
Relief from sicknes or the wet,
Or maybe boil a kettle.
Ah, foolish folk, who land on HIM,
And little fires proceeed to trim
And hope perhaps for tea!
It may be that His shell is thick,
He seems to sleep; but He is quick,
And floats now in the sea
With guile;
and when He hears their tapping feet,
Or faintly feels the sudden heart,
With smile
HE dives,
And promptly turning upside-down
He tips them off, and deep they drown,
And lose their silly lives
To their surprise.
Be wise!
There are many monsters in the sea,
But non se perilous as HE,
Old horny Fastitocalon,
Whose mighty kindred all have gone,
The last of the old Turtle-fish.
So if to save your life you wish
Then I advise:
Pay heed to sailors' ancient lord,
Set foot on no uncharted shore!
Or better still,
Your days at peace on Middle-earth
In mirth
The Tolkien Reader, "The Adventures of Tom Bombadil", "Cat".

Contributors: Meril. 6Dec04.

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