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Creation of the Two Trees of Valinor

Event Type: General

Age Begins: Pre-Trees

Age Ends: Time of the Trees

Years: 3500 ~ 1495

3500 in the Year of the Valar - "Then Yavanna and Nienna came to that Green Mound; and Yavanna hallowed it, and sat therelong upon the green grass and sang a song of great power, in whih was set all her thought of things that grow in the earth. But Nienna thought in silence, and watered the mound with tears...

"...And as the gods watched, behold! upon the mound there sprang two green saplings, and they grew and became fair and tall, and they came to blossom."

"Thus there awoke in the world the Two Trees of Valinor, of all growing things the fairest and the most renowned, whose fate is woven with the fate of Arda. The elder of the Trees was named Telperion, and its blossoms were of shining white, and a dew of silver light was spilled from them. Laurelin the younger Tree was called; its green leaves were edged with gold, and its flowers were like to clusters of yellow flame, and a rain of gold dripped from them to the ground. From those Trees there came forth a great light, and all Valinor was filled with it. Then the bliss of the Valar was increased; for the light of the Trees was holy and of great power, so that, if aught was good or lovely or of worth, in that light its loveliness and its worth were fully revealed; and all that walked in that light were glad at heart."

HoME X: Morgoth's Ring, The Annals of Aman, Section 1

1495 in the Year of the Tree - "...and it was the Mingling of Lights and both Trees were shining and the silent city of Valmar was filled with radiance as of silver and gold, in that hour Melkor and Ungoliante came over the plain and stood before the Green Mound. Then Melkor sprang up, and with his black spear he smote each Tree to its core, a little above the roots and their sap poured forth, as it were their blood, and was spilled upon the ground. But Ungoliante sucked it up, and going then from Tree to Tree she plied her foul lips to their wounds, till they were drained; and the poison that was in her passed into their tissues and withered them; and they died."

HoME X: Morgoth's Ring, The Annals of Aman, Section 4

In HoME V: The Lost Road, The Later Annals of Valinor has it that the Trees were created in Valian Year 1000. "In this Valian Year, after Valinor was made, and Valmar built, the city of the Gods, the Valar brought into being the Two Trees, Laurelin and Silpion, of gold andsilver, whose bloom gave light to Valinor."

The Trees were then destroyed in Valian Year 2900. "Morgoth now completed his designs, and with the aid of Ungoliante out of Arvalin he stole back into Valinor and destroyed the Trees."

Ying, 06.25.03

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