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Tar-Minastir becomes King of Númenor

Meaning: The Watcher from the Tower

Event Type: Political

Age: 2nd Age - Rings

Year: 1731

He took up the sceptre after his aunt, Tar-Telperien surrendered it. He ruled for 138 years and stepped down in 1869.
"He loved the Eldar but envied them. He it was who sent a great fleet to the aid of Gil-galad in the first war against Sauron."

Christopher Tolkien mentions that there is a discrepancy he cannot account for in the date. He notes that the Númenorean fleet is sent by Tar-Minastir to Gil-galad's aid, arriving in Middle-earth in 1700; this date is mentioned several places.
This leaves room for conjecture:
Was it Tar-Telperion who sent the fleet, or is the date of Tar-Minastir's accession wrong? The only solution I can think of to reconcile this is if Tar-Minastir was involved in the direction of the navy, or persuaded his aunt to the necessity of supporting Gil-galad. There is no evidence for either of these theories.
Unfinished Tales, Part 2, Ch III, The Line of Elros: Kings of Numenor, see also Note 9.

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