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Aragorn's Silver Horn   Artifacts  13 Mar 07
Azog's Purse of Small Money   Artifacts  31 Oct 04
Banner of Aragorn, made by Arwen, The the standard of Arwen  Artifacts  28 Aug 05
Banner of Dol Amroth, The
The Silver Swan
The Ship and the Silver Swan 
Artifacts  08 Nov 04
Banner of Harad, The The Black Serpent  Artifacts  08 Nov 04
Banner of Mirkwood, The   Artifacts  09 Nov 04
Banner of Rohan, The
The White Horse
The White Horse upon Green 
Artifacts  29 Nov 04
Banner of Sauron, The The Red Eye  Artifacts  29 Nov 04
Banner of the Elves, The   Artifacts  06 Jan 05
Banner of the House of Fingolfin, The   Artifacts  08 Nov 04
Banner of the House of Hador, The   Artifacts  08 Nov 04
Banner of the Kings of Gondor, The
The White Tree
The Tree and Stars 
Artifacts  27 Aug 05
Banner of the Kings of Númenor, The   Artifacts  19 Aug 06
Banner of the Stewards of Gondor, The   Artifacts  08 Nov 04
Banner of the Vanyar, The   Artifacts  29 Nov 04
Banners of the Dead, The   Artifacts  08 Nov 04
Banners of the Orcs, The   Artifacts  29 Nov 04
Bansil (HoME only) 
Artifacts  09 Feb 10
Boromir's Golden Belt   Artifacts  17 Oct 05
Chair of the Stewards of Gondor, The   Artifacts  26 Dec 06
Crown of Gondor, The
The Crown of Elendil
The Winged Crown
The White Crown
The Silver Crown 
Artifacts  14 Dec 04
Cup of Thror, The   Artifacts  29 Nov 04
Dragon-helm of Dor-lómin The Helm of Hador  Artifacts  16 Nov 04
Elendilmir, The
Star of Elendil
Star of the North
Star of the North Kingdom 
Artifacts  08 Nov 04
Elessar, The The Elfstone  Artifacts  08 Nov 04
Elven-brooches   Artifacts  17 Oct 05
Elvish robes
the grey cloaks of Lórien 
Artifacts  12 Oct 07
Erendis' Diamond   Artifacts  14 Nov 05
Faramir's Staffs staves  Artifacts  03 Jul 06
Fram's Necklace of Dragon-teeth   Artifacts  10 Oct 05
Gandalf's Staff
the wizard's staff
a thorny staff
the ash-staff
a rod

The Hobbit only:
his magic staff
his wand 
Artifacts  22 Jan 10
Glingal   Artifacts  07 Nov 07
Heirlooms of the Heirs of Isildur
Heirlooms of Arnor
Heirlooms of the Dúnedain
Heirlooms of the House of Isildur 
Artifacts  19 Dec 04
Heirlooms of the Kings of Númenor   Artifacts  03 Feb 10
Heirlooms of the Lords of Andúnië   Artifacts  18 Dec 09
Horn of Boromir   Artifacts  25 Jan 05
Horn of Helm Hammerhand Helm's horn  Artifacts  14 Jan 05
Horns of the Galadhrim, The   Artifacts  08 Nov 04
Horns of the Rohirrim, The The Horns of Rohan  Artifacts  29 Nov 04
Iron Crown Morgoth's Crown  Artifacts  31 Dec 12
Keys of Orthanc, The   Artifacts  13 Jan 05
Merry's Silver Horn
the horn of the Mark
the horn of Rohan 
Artifacts  07 Sep 10
Mirror of Galadriel   Artifacts  14 Feb 10
Narya The Red Ring, The Third Ring, The Ring of Fire  Artifacts  07 Jul 03
Nenya Ring of Adamant, Ring of Water, White Ring  Artifacts  22 Nov 04
Nimphelos   Artifacts  06 Jul 03
Old Took's Magic Diamond Studs   Artifacts  17 Sep 06
One Ring, The
The Ruling Ring
Isildur's Bane 
Artifacts  17 Apr 05
palantír (singular)
palantíri (plural)
Seven Stones
Stones of Seeing
accursed stone(s) of wizardry (by Gimli)

individual palantíri:
Master Stone of Osgiliath
Anor-stone, palantír of Anárion
Ithil-stone, palantír of Isildur
Artifacts  12 May 08
Phial of Galadriel star-glass, Glass of Galadriel, the Lady's glass, elven-glass, elven-light, gift of Galadriel  Artifacts  22 Nov 04
Púkel-men of Dunharrow watch-stones  Artifacts  15 Jan 05
Ring of Barahir   Artifacts  07 Nov 04
Sam's Garden Box   Artifacts  06 Aug 10
Sceptre of Arnor, The
The Northern Sceptre
The Sceptre of Annúminas
The Silver Rod of the Lords of Andúnië 
Artifacts  23 Aug 05
Sceptre of Manwë   Artifacts  28 Aug 05
Sceptre of Númenor, The
The Sceptre
The Sceptre of the Sea-Kings 
Artifacts  03 Dec 04
Statue of the Fallen King   Artifacts  03 Jan 08
Stone of Erech Black Stone  Artifacts  11 Nov 07
The Red Arrow   Artifacts  13 Sep 03
Thorin's Letter to Bilbo   Artifacts  08 Feb 13
Three Elven Rings of Power
the Three
the Three Rings
the Elven-rings
Narya, Nenya, and Vilya 
Artifacts  26 Jan 12
Three-farthing Stone   Artifacts  06 Aug 10
Throne of the Kings of Gondor, The   Artifacts  08 Nov 04
Thror's Key
key of Erebor 
Artifacts  16 Apr 10
Thror's Map   Artifacts  15 Apr 10
Tokens of Frodo's Capture   Artifacts  18 Mar 10
Treebeard's Vessels of Light   Artifacts  29 Jan 05
the horns of Ulmo
the horns of Ylmir
Ylmir's conches 
Artifacts  27 Dec 11
Valaróma   Artifacts  01 Dec 05
Vilya The Blue Ring, Ring of Air, Ring of Sapphire, The Ring of Air  Artifacts  24 Nov 04
Watch-stones of the Drúedain Púkel-men  Artifacts  15 Jan 05
White Mantle of the Stewards of Gondor, The White Robe  Artifacts  24 Nov 04
White Rod of the Stewards of Gondor, The
The White Wand of Office
The Staff of the Stewardship 
Artifacts  24 Nov 04

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