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Type: Rivers & Lakes

Region: Beleriand & North

Meaning: torrent

Location: The main river of West Beleriand; arises at Ivrin in the Ered Wethrin; joins the Sirion in Nan-tathren.


Map of West Beleriand.
West Beleriand, showing the River Narog.
[The] River Narog rose in the falls of Ivrin in the southern face of Dor-lómin, and flowed some eighty leagues 1 ere he joined Sirion in Nan-tathren, the Land of Willows.

The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion, Ch 14, Of Beleriand and its Realms

And following Sirion from north to south there lay upon the right hand in West Beleriand the Forest of Brethil between Sirion and Teiglin, and then the realm of Nargothrond, between Teiglin and Narog.


But south of Aelin-uial the land fell suddenly and steeply; and all the lower fields of Sirion were divided from the upper fields by this fall, which to one looking from the south northward appeared as an endless chain of hills running from Eglarest beyond Narog in the west to Amon Ereb in the east.... Narog came through these hills in a deep gorge, and flowed over rapids that had no fall, and on its western bank the land rose into the great wooded highlands of Taur-en-Faroth. On the west side of this gorge, where the short and foaming stream Ringwil tumbled headlong into Narog from the High Faroth, Finrod established Nargothrond. But some twenty-five leagues east of the gorge of Nargothrond Sirion fell from the north in a mighty fall below the Meres....


On Ivrin's lake  is endless laughter.
o! cool and clear  by crystal fountains
she is fed unfailing....
...  Here Narog's waters
(that in tongue of the Gnomes  is 'torrent' naméd)
are born, and blithely  boulders leaping
o'er the bents bounding  with broken foam
swirl down southward  to the secret halls
of Nargothrond  by the Gnomes builded
that death and thraldom  in the dreadful throes
of Nirnaith Ornoth,  a number scanty,
escaped unscathed.  Thence skirting wild
the Hills of the Hunters,  the home of Beren
and the Dancer of Doriath  daughter of Thingol,
it winds and wanders  ere the willowy meads,
Nan-tathren's land,  for nineteen leagues
it journeys joyful  to join its flood
with Sirion in the South.

From The Lay of the Children of Hurin
The Lays of Beleriand, HoME Vol 3, Ch 1, The Lay of the Children of Húrin: Failivrin, Canto III, Lines 1526-1550

1A league is approximately three miles.

Unfinished Tales, Part 3, Ch 1, The Disaster of the Gladden Fields: Appendix, Númenórean Linear Measures

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