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Alcarondas   Miscellaneous  01 Nov 04
Angainor   Miscellaneous  31 Oct 04
Anor, the Sun
Anor (Sindarin)
Anar (Quenya)
Vása 'the Heart of Fire', 'the Consumer'
the Day-star
Yellow Face (by Gollum)
HoME only:
Aþāraigas (Valarin) 'appointed heat' 
Miscellaneous  21 Jan 12
Ban of the Valar, The The Ban of the Lords of the West  Miscellaneous  22 Apr 05
Beacons of Gondor
List of beacon-hills, from Minas Tirith westward to the border of Rohan:

Amon Dîn
Miscellaneous  09 Aug 10
Bilbo's Stone Trolls   Miscellaneous  08 Oct 11
Black Shadow (illness)
death's shadow
deadly darkness 
Miscellaneous  09 Feb 12
Council of the Sceptre — Númenor   Miscellaneous  05 Dec 05
Crown of Durin Durin's Crown  Miscellaneous  12 Jan 11
Doom of the Noldor
Prophecy of the North
Doom of Mandos
Curse of Mandos 
Miscellaneous  15 Nov 09
Durin's Day   Miscellaneous  03 Jan 08
Durin's Stone   Miscellaneous  11 Jan 11
Aldarion's house-ship 
Miscellaneous  08 Jan 10
Eärrámë   Miscellaneous  08 Nov 04
Elven-boats   Miscellaneous  03 Jun 05
Elven-rope   Miscellaneous  29 Mar 10
Emblem of Gil-galad, The   Miscellaneous  08 Nov 05
Emblem of Gondor, The
The Tree
The White Tree
The White Tree of Gondor 
Miscellaneous  08 Nov 04
Emblem of Minas Morgul, The   Miscellaneous  09 Nov 04
Emblem of Saruman, The
The White Hand
The White Hand of Isengard
The White Badge
The White Badge of Saruman 
Miscellaneous  28 Dec 04
Emblem of Sauron, The
The Eye
The Red Eye
The Evil Eye
The Lidless Eye 
Miscellaneous  28 Dec 04
Emblem of the Grey-elves of Mithrim, The The Swan  Miscellaneous  08 Nov 04
Emblem of the House of Eorl, The
The White Horse
The White Horse upon Green
The Running Horse 
Miscellaneous  08 Nov 04
Emblem of the House of Finarfin, The   Miscellaneous  08 Nov 04
Emblem of Tuor, The   Miscellaneous  26 Aug 04
Emblems of Dol Amroth, The
The Silver Swan
The Ship and the Silver Swan
White Ship and Swan 
Miscellaneous  08 Nov 04
Emblems of Elendil, The   Miscellaneous  08 Nov 04
Emblems of the Kings of Gondor, The   Miscellaneous  13 Jan 05
Entulessë   Miscellaneous  06 Dec 09
Éored   Miscellaneous  11 Feb 08
Errand-riders of Gondor
errand-riders of Denethor
errand-riders of the lord 
Miscellaneous  25 Oct 06
Faithful, The
The Elendili
The Elf-friends 
Miscellaneous  06 Mar 05
Feasts of Númenor The Three Prayers  Miscellaneous  28 Feb 05
Gift of Men
Doom of Men
Gift of Ilúvatar 
Miscellaneous  14 Nov 05
Gift of the Elf-minstrels   Miscellaneous  02 Oct 11
Great White Pillar of Umbar   Miscellaneous  05 Sep 11
Green Bough of Return   Miscellaneous  06 Nov 05
Grey Company
the Dúnedain
the Rangers of the North 
Miscellaneous  23 Sep 09
Guards of the Citadel
the Guard
the Guard of the Tower of Gondor 
Miscellaneous  18 Feb 08
Guild of Venturers Uinendili 'Lovers of Uinen'  Miscellaneous  08 Jan 10
Gwaith-i-Mírdain   Miscellaneous  08 Nov 04
Helluin Nielluin 'Blue Bee' 'the Bee of Azure'  Miscellaneous  08 Nov 04
Hirilondë Turuphanto 'The Wooden Whale'  Miscellaneous  13 Jan 05
Hithlain   Miscellaneous  29 Mar 10
Horns of Ulmo   Miscellaneous  10 May 10
Host of the Alliance
host of the Last Alliance
host of Gil-galad and Elendil 
Miscellaneous  11 Dec 07
Host of the West
the Men of the West
the army of the West 
Miscellaneous  04 Aug 06
Illuin   Miscellaneous  07 May 10
Ithil, the Moon
Ithil (Sindarin)
Isil (Quenya)
Rána (Sindarin) 'the Wayward', 'the Wanderer'
White Face (by Gollum)
HoME only:
the last Flower of Silver
Phanaikelūth (Valarin) 'bright mirror' 
Miscellaneous  21 Jan 12
King's Men
King's Folk
King's Party
see also: Black Númenóreans 
Miscellaneous  27 Oct 07
Lamps of the Valar
Lamps of the North and South
Illuin (the northern Lamp)
Ormal (the southern Lamp) 
Miscellaneous  07 May 10
Libraries of the Shire - Fourth Age   Miscellaneous  08 Nov 04
Lords of Andúnië, The   Miscellaneous  04 Mar 05
Mánir   Miscellaneous  23 Jun 11
mathom   Miscellaneous  01 Sep 07
Menelmacar Menelvagor, the Swordsman in the Sky, Telumehtar, Telimektar, Menelmakil. Original forms include Taimonto and Taimondo.  Miscellaneous  08 Nov 04
Morwinthi (HoME only) 
Miscellaneous  29 Mar 10
Númerrámar   Miscellaneous  04 Nov 05
Oath of Fëanor   Miscellaneous  10 Mar 11
Oath of Finrod to Barahir   Miscellaneous  21 Mar 10
Orc Healing   Miscellaneous  29 Jan 05
Ormal   Miscellaneous  07 May 10
Palarran   Miscellaneous  07 Jul 03
Riders of the Mark
Riders of Rohan
Riders of Théoden
the King's Host 
Miscellaneous  25 Jan 08
silima   Miscellaneous  09 Feb 10
Smaug's Hoard   Miscellaneous  30 Aug 05
Smial hobbit-hole  Miscellaneous  08 Mar 04
Star of the Dúnedain   Miscellaneous  28 Dec 09
Stone of the Hapless   Miscellaneous  29 Mar 10
Súruli   Miscellaneous  23 Jun 11
Swan-ship of Lórien, The   Miscellaneous  30 Jan 05
Talan Flet  Miscellaneous  07 Mar 04
Tengwar Tîw  Miscellaneous  16 Mar 08
Tomb of Balin   Miscellaneous  07 Apr 11
Tomb of Elendil   Miscellaneous  06 Aug 10
Toys of Dale   Miscellaneous  29 Nov 04
Underking of Rohan   Miscellaneous  25 Jan 08
Unlight of Ungoliant, The The Cloud of Ungoliant  Miscellaneous  29 Nov 04
the Wain
the Sickle
the Seven Stars
crown of seven mighty stars

the following names appear in HoME only:
Sickle of the Gods (Old English: Godasicol)
sickle of the heavenly field
Silver Sickle
Silver Wain
Silver Bear
Seven Butterflies
Otselen (Quenya), Edegil (Sindarin) 'seven stars'
Burning Briar (Old English: Brynebrér
Miscellaneous  26 Jan 12
Vingilot Rothinzil  Miscellaneous  07 Jul 03
White Company, The   Miscellaneous  29 Jul 06
White Council, The Council of the Wise  Miscellaneous  29 Nov 04
Vilvarin (HoME only) 
Miscellaneous  29 Mar 10

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